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Photos and videos are mainly created so that we can preserve our memories. In paper or digital form, it doesn't matter. What's important is that many years later, when we're looking back at a video clip or pictures, we can easily go back to the time when we were young, when life was happy and interesting. We remember raising our children and the crazy things we did. We relive the times when our friends and relatives were by our sides. In this category we've collected the best online stores with cashback where you can buy digital photo and video equipment and get additional discounts.

The Chinese online market AliExpress offers an unimaginable selection of equipment - from inexpensive, budget models to high-end flagship models. Here you'll find everything from point-and-shoot cameras to give children so they can learn the basics of photography, or professional digital cameras that will produce incredibly clear and realistic images.

The fundamental belief that everything from China is poor quality is just plan false. Not everything. The main things are that you shouldn't go for the cheapest of the cheap, read the reviews, and buy only from proven sellers with ratings and stars. If you do this, you'll get good quality products and pay less than for equipment from competing brands.

The main advantage of all the stores you see in this category is that you'll shop with cashback. We'll refund a certain percent of the purchase price and credit it to your account at Letyshops after you pay for your order.

Collect your memories with the help of modern equipment, don't rely on your memory - it fails, and often. It's better to get one reliable camera and/or camcorder and create your own "memory bank". Choose and buy, and we'll take care of your savings.

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