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Loyalty program for regular customers

We love our users and believe that this is both serious and long-lasting. We hope the feeling is mutual and are ready to encourage it :)

Every cashback brings you closer to a new status.
Higher status - higher cashback rates in every store. Forever!

Don't worry about withdrawing funds - this won't lower your status. It'll keep growing together with the total amount of cashback you've earned since registering.

The loyalty program has three levels:

  • «LetyBronze» — saved 10 + €: +10% added to the basic cashback rate

  • «LetySilver» — saved 50 + €: +20% added to the basic cashback rate

  • «LetyGold» — saved 150 + €: +30% added to the basic cashback rate

How it works. Let's look at an example of cashback from AliExpress:

  • For example, the basic cashback rate at AliExpress is 3%.

  • Having reached «LetyBronze» status, you'll get 3.3% cashback (3 + 10% = 3.3 %).

  • «LetySilver» status will increase your rate to 3.6%.

  • And «LetyGold» will bring you 3.9% from every order.

Attention! Activated Lety codes and Premium accounts cannot be combined with your current status. Whichever method gives you the most cashback is the one that will be applied.

Shop with benefit and satisfaction!