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(4.11) Average rating of the store
Reviews on Temu (4)
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Please be informed that any discount codes provided by Temu as well as by any third-party provider can be used only in the USA. Otherwise, cashback will get lost.

Attention! Cashback is credited only for the actual order amount at the time the order was placed. Any goods added subsequently (if any) are not eligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is not credited for a gift card purchase.
  • Cashback is not credited if a gift card is redeemed.
  • Cashback is not credited in case of using coupons, vouchers or promotional codes of any kind not published on the LetyShops website.
  • Cashback is credited for the actual payment amount only without taking into account the number of bonus points used.
  • Cashback is not credited if an order has been returned partially.
  • Cashback is credited only for the article's net value excluding the value-added tax, all other taxes and fees as well as additional costs for delivery and shipping.
  • The amount of cashback credited to your account balance may differ from the amount previously displayed. This is due to the difference in exchange rates between the store operating currency and your account currency, as well as the deduction of VAT and any other applicable fees from the amount shown as "Pending".

Reviews on Temu (4)

(4.11) Average rating of the store
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There are many compensatory examples. Shop at temu. For now the best for me
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The quality of things is more or less the same as other Chinese stores. You shouldn't buy things that require a lot of technical quality, searching for products is complicated and I don't want to scroll endlessly until I find what I want and the variety is very small compared to aliexpress and the promotions they run are super false they say they send me a coupon for up to 90% on something but when I find the product I want and compare it with another one outside the promotion page the value of the product is the same they must think that I'm stupid, and the prices are currently no longer comparable with other stores and it takes a long time to get cashback and getting coupons is complicated after the new user registration coupons, I only buy small and disposable things at Temu, but at least Except the deliveries are fast compared to other stores, that's why I give it 4 stars because otherwise it would be 2 or 3.
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Spectacular so far, I recommend it
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Alipio Estima

The products are cheap, product quality always depends on what we buy but don't expect something brutal. In terms of shipping, they are very fast and the customer support is very good and fast. The reason I only gave 3 stars is that of the few orders I placed in this store, items were always missing from the order.

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