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Cashback in Chinese stores - thought it couldn't get cheaper?

Chinese stores are simply a salvation in our economic situation. There are lots of things and low prices. It's true that shipping takes about a month, but for the sake of the latest smartphone with all the technological bells and whistles for half the price of some flagship store, it's worth the wait. In this category we've gathered several dozen Chinese stores where you can find everything imaginable. And we guarantee cashback to make your purchases a real bargain.

Which stores do you know in China? Well, of course there's the online marketplace AliExpress, the largest and most popular. On Ali, you can not only buy what you want, but also order what you need on an individual basis. For example, having sewn a dress or suit, "that exact same shirt, only print - not a panda, but Spider-Man" or folding furniture that's the right size. But besides Ali there are other stores, where the selection of course isn't quite as large, but the purchasing terms and service may be better.

You'll automatically save, because the Letyshops service in all of these markets gives cashback for purchases. Follow our newsletter - stores often hold good sales, and we'll tell you about them in advance so you have time to get ready.