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There was no return. But the cashback was never confirmed. The order was in July, now November. "Beautiful" shop

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Hello, Yana!

Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, for some reason we have not received confirmation from partners. To support you, we have credited cashback to your balance.

There will be questions - you can always contact us.

Thank you for choosing our service!

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.

Advantages: Of the benefits - fast order processing and lightning delivery. In the evening I ordered, in the morning they called, the next morning they were already delivered from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod. Here, in general, everything is perfectly worked out, well done - no complaints, but ... Disadvantages: The product does not match the description on the site. Ordered KIT FOR FITNESS gum DYNA FIT PIECES OF 4 ( and EP flying. (Https:// / igrushka_letayushchiy_minon /) Gum came unmarked, and in the manual, for some reason, it is indicated that there should be 5 of them in the set. In the bag, 4 pieces lay as it should be. But that's fine. But the minion on the site says the following: “By controlling the console, you or your child can lift the yellow little man into the air. The toy has a special built-in sensor, so it will rise up even from the substituted palm. Thanks to this function, children can play volleyball queues putting hands and “giving” a flying minion to each other. " and there is a photo of the radio remote control. We also brought a set in a completely different package with a remote-keychain, where there is only 1 button on / off. That is, to fly, then it flies, but the toy is completely uncontrollable - it instantly soars up, beats from the ceiling and immediately falls to the floor, scaring the child. These are the "necessary things". Make a conclusion yourself, whether it is worth buying a cat in a bag. Comment: The order number indicates the one sent by SMS from the transport company. Order number: 1087677181 For, the order is listed as number 134036. It took away 07/25/2018

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation