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Reviews on Империя Садовода (2)

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I order in the Empire is not the first time and always a lot. To delivery. There were no special complaints, so the little things ... But the LAST order just killed! In a sealed large box (courier does not respond for the contents !!!) when opening it turned out to be a solid horror !!! The buckets with acrylic filler turned upside down .. Two of the 4 were broken — one had the bottom knocked out, the other had cracked to the smithereens on the side ... the box almost came down from frustration and resentment - the delivery is paid and half the price from the whole order - the order is big but inexpensive, everything is just heavy ... I will demand compensation from the store for two banks of putty or in court - material and most importantly moral damage. I have already prepared a certificate about the violation of the health of the customer and a photo of the order at all stages. So what to do! The guilty must be punished! And my mother's health is most important to me and I will not let her upset her !!!
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Fast shipping. Competent packaging, although it should have been bags with "humate +7" put in a separate bag. In this regard, all the goods were covered with dust from the basis of soil fertility concentrate "humate +7".
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