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Time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 30 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
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Reviews on Букет Питер (3)

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2 transitions were completed, the cashback was not displayed, and all conditions were met. The care service decided this question, but as they say, the sediment remained. Everything is excellent in quality and freshness of the flowers, delivery is no complaints, but alas, the photo with the bouquet of the recipient was not sent to me. Although the recipient was photographed.

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Good day!

Thanks for the comment.

We are very sorry that the cashback for the order was not fixed.

There are a number of reasons due to which the cashback may not accrue. All these reasons are described in the rules of purchases with cashback. Additional conditions can be found on the page of each store on our website.

A frequent reason for the loss of cashback and, unfortunately, the settings of the device from which the purchase is made are difficult to detect. After all, third-party browser extensions, some anti-virus software functions, ad blockers and even viruses can negatively affect the cashback fixation.

Unfortunately, we do not exclude isolated cases of loss of funds due to technical reasons.

Additionally, we sent a request to Peter Bouquet to more fully understand the reason for non-accrual. As soon as we receive the answer, manager Vladislav will contact you in open request # 1410413.

Regarding the photo with the recipient of the bouquet, please write to the website support Bouquet Peter. We hope they can correct this misunderstanding.

If you need help, be sure to write. We are always in touch. Have a great day!

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.

Do not order anything in this store and never. Flowers withered after 3 hours, the store only says that you yourself signed the reception of flowers. No cashback can be compared with the disappointment that awaits you.

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation
There are no complaints about the quality and delivery of flowers, I put 5 stars, I will buy from them also and I can safely recommend to everyone. But with the crediting of cashback is not so good, so (-1) to my assessment. Here is the second order, and the same story: the cashback waiting date (after 30 days) passes, and the amount is not credited to the account, after which I apply to the Care Service. Then I wait another 2 weeks - no result - and only after contacting the Care Service again (and sending screenshots with payment confirmation) the cashback is credited. Fortunately, the cashback% is quite good and worth the trouble with this. I'm waiting for the 3rd order and I hope for a positive change in the situation with the accrual)
The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation