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Waiting time for crediting cashback
Cashback will appear in your account with "Pending" status within 1 day
Cashback is confirmed and credited within 70 - 120 days after departure from the hotel

Cashback is credited for booking of hotels and apartments only.

Cashback is not credited: 
- for paid taxes and hotel fees (they are usually stated apart);
- for the "Booking.basic" category (information about that can be found near the room price);
- in case of using Wizz Discount Club Card
- for cars rented via Booking (to receive cashback for that you have to go to the website via Rentalcars page).


  • Cashback cannot be combined with any kind of bonus or discount.
  • To qualify for cashback you must complete your purchase within the same session you start the purchase without exiting your browser. Opening a new tab or returning later will result in cashback not tracking.
  • Processing of lost orders occurs only if the following two screenshots are provided: a room reservation confirmation from your personal Booking account and a proof of payment, for which a bank statement or a hotel receipt can be used.
  • The room price after going to Booking.com from our website can differ slightly from the one displayed if visiting Booking directly. We recommend you to sign up or log in to your existing Booking account (if provided) to check the price.
  • The cashback amount credited to your account balance may vary from the amount displayed before. This is caused by the conversion of rates between the store's and your account's currencies.

You may lose your cashback if you have searched for other offers on price comparisons or similar websites. That's why we recommend that you delete cookies from your browser before clicking through from LetyShops to the store. More information can be found here.

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Booking.com - the ideal option for travelers

Booking.com is the №1 resource in the world that allows you to easily book and rent accommodations anywhere on the planet. There are almost 900 000 different accommodation options in any location on Earth - look, choose, book, and go forth with confidence - comfortable accommodations await you!

Like to travel? Or are you still only dreaming of visiting different cities and countries, but can't manage to save up enough money for a trip? Did you know that with cashback for Booking.com from Letyshops you can really save on accommodations in any city on Earth? How? One thing at a time.

A little about the resource

It's made specifically to help people going on trips to solve the problem of where to stay ahead of time. Reserving a hotel room or securing an apartment on the oceanfront is easy - just specify your requirements in the form provided and choose from the hundreds of options offered.

The first difference between this service and travel agencies is that the prices are much lower. Another is that there are additional promotions and discounts for its clients. Every day there are over 20 million rental options on the site in 221 countries! Without leaving the comfort of your apartment, you can quickly book a room wherever you need and avoid the headache of having to search for accommodations in a foreign country.

Advantages of the portal

In addition to the amazing amount of offers for booking a hotel room, house, or apartment, the online service also provides:

Round the clock customer support. Wherever you are, you can always contact a customer support representative and get help and answers to your questions. By the way, the support service is offered in multiple languages - you can speak to them in one of 41 different languages.

Booking without commissions. You only pay for the reservation, without any additional fees.

You can contact the hotel administrators and specify your specific requirements and requests.

Easy cancellation of reservations or changes to an already booked accommodation. There are no fees or fines for this either.

There are also favorable conditions for business travelers - you can leave reviews directly on the site and keep track of corporate expenses using a corporate account.

Letyshops and Booking.com - better together

You have the chance to get part of the money you paid for services refunded. Using the link on our site to transfer to the store page, you'll get back a percent of your money from each order. This money is credited to your account on Letyshops, and you can use it at your own discretion.

Book rooms, houses, and apartments in any country with us - what a deal. When you choose a city, make sure to read the reviews - they're genuine. Then, form your order and cashback will soon be waiting for you in your personal account. It's so nice to return from your trip and get money that you already considered spent.

Cashback for Booking from Letyshops - travel can be inexpensive and comfortable!

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