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Purchases at OTTO with cashback in Germany

Waiting time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 60 days
Maximum waiting time for cashback: 180 days
Information and conditions
für valide Bestellungen mit einem Nettowarenwert von 30,01€ bis 100€ nach Retouren und Abzug ev. genutzter Gutscheine und Rabatte
für valide Bestellungen mit einem Nettowarenwert von 100,01€ bis 150€ nach Retouren und Abzug ev. genutzter Gutscheine und Rabatte
für valide Bestellungen mit einem Nettowarenwert von 150,01€ bis 250€ nach Retouren und Abzug ev. genutzter Gutscheine und Rabatte
für valide Bestellungen mit einem Nettowarenwert ab 250,01€ nach Retouren und Abzug ev. genutzter Gutscheine und Rabatte

The following are excluded from cashback: 
· Orders with an order value of less than € 30.01 (net) value of goods minus shipping costs 
· Orders that were not placed through LetyShops 
· Orders that are returned or canceled 
· Orders that are processed or canceled by telephone with an OTTO customer advisor 
· Orders through other sellers who work as partners with OTTO, such as myToys, Mirapodo and Buttlers. These can be recognized on the OTTO website by the information: "Sales & shipping partner name" or "Package from partner name" 
· Purchase orders that contain books that are subject to fixed book prices 
· Orders from customers entitled to commission who already regularly and / or automatically receive a monetary benefit from OTTO 
· Orders from bulk buyers, co-buyers and friendship buyers 
· Orders from employees of the Otto Group and pensioners of the OTTO Group 
· Orders for gift or goods vouchers 
· Commercial orders 
Additional conditions: 
· Cashback can only be collected if a user account has been created and the customer logged on to the OTTO website via LetyShops 
· After clicking to the shop via the LetyShops website, the purchase must be completed directly, otherwise no cashback will be paid out 
· When using the LetyShops app and then using the OTTO app, no cashback is recorded 
· Default browser settings: Ad blockers must be deactivated in order to collect cashback. Cookies must be accepted. Anonymization settings in the browser must be deactivated 
· In the case of returns, the cashback amount is adjusted to the final purchase price 
· It can take up to 180 days for the cashback to be confirmed in the user account 
· Subsequent processing of postings or cancellations is not possible 
· OTTO reserves the right to cancel the cashback for deliveries that could not be made after 3 months 
· Multiple cashback offers from different cashback portals cannot be combined

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