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A very strange trend is observed. I decided to book myself a flight with transfers on this site. And before buying, I saw that you can arrange cashback. He added a pre-flight to favorites and went to the LetyShops office to follow the link. After clicking on the link, when I try to open a flight from my favorites, it says to me that it is no longer available. Then, when you try to manually score the search terms - the flight you are looking for also fails. Even if you reopen the site in a separate tab, the data is already cached in the browser and still shows that it is no longer possible to find such a flight. I managed to fix it only if I open it in incognito mode or I clear the browser cache (but then I lose the opportunity to get cashback). The bottom line is that using cashback with this site was in principle not possible in my case. I can not say that Lety or Kiwi are bad, individually these are both good services in their field. But only among themselves, they clearly do not work very well.

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Andrei, hello!

Thank you for reporting the situation.

Clarified information from partners. Alas, some companies do not pay affiliate commissions. Therefore, when switching from our service, some offers are not displayed. The booking service can not pay us for such options, respectively, we also can not pay a fee. Be sure to consider the option of publishing this feature on the service page to alert our users.

There will be questions - please contact. Always happy to prompt.

LetyShops team

Der Beitrag wurde von Russisch mit Google Translate übersetzt.