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Reviews on Sunsky (5)

(3.00) Average rating of the store
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Галинский Пётр

I fulfilled all the conditions, a separate browser with one extension from letyshop, it was clearly displayed that the cashback was activated, before ordering, I updated the page, added products to the cart, made an order, as a result, the cashback was not added, the technical support said that there was no transition. LETYSHOPS a huge minus to you for the extension for the chrome browser - IT WORKS ONCE

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Peter, good afternoon!

Going through our service / activating an extension in a browser before making a purchase is the main condition for calculating a commission by a store. If it is not recorded, we do not receive information from partners. You can always view your transitions in the "Orders and Finance" section.

Since you did not go to the store for 11.19, cashback cannot be credited. We recommend that you reinstall our extension or go to the "Go to the store" button. If you have any questions, you can always contact our care service (section "Help").

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.
Sergey Shavrov
I ordered a battery, charger and triggers, everything came in 12 days
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The store is very steep. Made two orders. Delivery is very long, one took 35 days, the other more than 50, and this despite the fact that delivery is paid !!! Although the goods are cheaper than in Ali, delivery is expensive, sometimes 50% of the cost of goods !! Customer support - complete ignore! If there is extra money that is not a pity to lose then this is your store.
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I made two orders, the product was out of stock, the money was returned, I lost about $ 10 on the difference in the exchange rate. They absolutely do not check the availability of goods, they trade in non-existent goods.

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Some kind of dumb store. I paid for the phone, it was available (otherwise I could not have paid). I paid with a stick. On the trail. day I see the status of the order - "out of stock, tell us what to do." I write to the manager, they say, yes, no, when it will be, she replies with a standard unsubscribe, like we send everything within 1-3 days. And then it says that I have some kind of problem with the stick and they cannot get my money. Although everything was promptly removed from me and there are no refunds. And then it "wets", they say, let us return the money (which they cannot receive), and you will pay us in another way, even through Western Union. I have never seen such insanity. Then I will unsubscribe how it ended.
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