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(2.38) Average rating of the store
Reviews on Udemy (3)
Waiting time for crediting cashback
Cashback will appear in your account with "Pending" status within 5 days
Cashback is confirmed and credited within 60 - 110 days
  • It can take up to 5 days for orders to be displayed in your LetyShops account.
  • Cashback is not credited in case of using the store's mobile app.
  • Cashback is not credited in case of using an instructor coupon.
  • If your order consists of several positions, each of it receives a separate number, which after that is transferred to LetyShops cashback service as an order number.
  • Cashback amount credited to your account balance may vary from amount displayed before. This is caused by conversion of rates between advertisers currency and your credit card.
  • A price for a course after going to Udemy from our website can differ from the one displayed if visiting Udemy directly.

Reviews on Udemy (3)

(2.38) Average rating of the store
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Thank you very much, I received the cashback.
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Pedro Varela Llorente

I have purchased several Udemy courses through Letyshops. The price of the course has not increased for me, but it is true that the discount is never applied to me and I have to request it by hand. I've been waiting months for the first one and still nothing...

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Hello Pedro!

We're sorry you had such an experience with Udemy. We have already sent requests to our partners to investigate the reason for the loss of cashback and return it. As soon as they answer us, we will inform you immediately. We look forward to your understanding and patience.

The LetyShops team

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate.
Received the cashback after a couple of day, but received it. The LetyShops support team came back to me really quickly after my concerns of not getting the cashback instantly, as I did with the rest of shops. Fantastic team and support! So in short, Udemy works equally great with the service, but the cashback will take more days to process.
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