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Gentlemen, do not mess with Udemy !!! Kidalovo specific. In the invoices and prices on the site - in dollars, removed from the card in pounds! I asked to return the difference, but they returned without agreement for 3 orders out of 7 and you know what it is in dollars!)) They should be about 50 dollars, there are no courses on the account anymore. I wrote a claim - while silence. Save yourself your money!
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I can only laugh at this cashback))) I’ve been using Yudemi for a long time, and I can say that the most frequent price on this resource is $ 10.99. But if you activate Letishops cashback, then the price of 10.99 turns into $ 14.99. Ahah))) Why, then, cashback, if without it turns out more profitable?

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Good afternoon!

Thanks for the feedback.

Some services reserve the right to change the cost of their services depending on the source of the transition. We will definitely conduct a series of tests and by their results we will publish information on the store page on our website. We will also pass on the request to the partners in order to understand the situation in more detail. Thank you for letting us know about the difference in course prices.

There will be additional questions - write. We will be happy to prompt.

Yours faithfully,
LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.