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Absolutely lousy online service. I bought a series of products on the website one Thursday, worth almost 50 euros for my puppy, since they had a discount for the first purchase of 10% off. As it was not applied, I called to cancel it. After canceling it, they charge me. The package arrives on Monday, by the way with a package of snacks broken and scattered around the box (which I assumed as an accident, I did not give it great importance) and what is my surprise ... they tell me that I have to pay it again Why has a refund been made to me ... Sorry? and the 10% discount or smell it ..... Am I being the victim of misleading advertising ?? lousy customer service ?? Anyway .... I don't know if I will buy at Kiwoko again, I don't think so. But what I have classicism is that I do not intend to be fooled again. I have bought in Tiendaanimal and in Zooplus, apart from making gifts for the dog I have never felt cheated, I give it a star because there is nothing less with which to rate its service AND THE PROMOTION FORGET ABOUT IT neither cashback nor 15% discount or anything at all. choose another store

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We are sorry that you faced such a situation.

It is possible that the cashback was lost because there was an error and your order had been canceled. We hope that an incident like this will not happen to you again and that you will not be disappointed any more.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate.
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