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Waiting time for crediting cashback
Cashback will appear in your account with "Pending" status within 4 days
Cashback is confirmed and credited within 60 - 120 days

It may take up to 4 days for cashback to appear in your account with "Pending" status.


Cashback is not credited in the following cases:

- orders made with referral codes. The referral codes consist of 3 letters and 3-4 digits. For example: WVH436;

- orders paid for with bonuses. If the order is paid for with bonuses partially, then cashback will be credited for the purchase amount excluding bonuses.



- cashback for your order may not be credited if you have reached the page of the product/category/your wish list using any third-party link located not on the LetyShops website (e.g. advertising or referral link in social networks, etc.). To get cashback for such an order, you need to activate cashback directly on the LetyShops website and then find the required product;

- only one order per session is allowed! Please make a jump to iHerb website from LetyShops each time before making a new order to not lose your cashback;

- cashback amount credited to your account balance may vary from the amount displayed before. This is caused by conversion of rates between the shop's and your account's currencies;

- according to the iHerb's terms and conditions if cashback for your order has not been added to your account with "Pending" status, you should create a corresponding request in your LetyShops account within 2 months after the purchase has been made.

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Cashback at iHerb - for your health!

IHerb is one of the most popular health shops in the world. Here you can find goods for beauty, wellness, sport, and home: vitamins, dietary supplements, household cleaners, and much more. The main difference from its competitors is that all of their items are eco-friendly and 100% natural. Cashback from iHerb will help you buy organic products for totally affordable prices.

iHerb is a huge retailer of organic, ecologically friendly health products. Based in America, they ship worldwide.

Why you can trust iHerb

The online store has already been working for over 18 years, providing citizens of different countries with high quality goods. The lion's share of production is in dietary supplements, and this means that there is not only a strict adherence to technological preparation and selection of ingredients, but also their storage and shipment.


iHerb has three warehouses for storing their products. Each of them is equipped with the latest technology, so they maintain optimum temperatures for storage and the system automatically tracks expiration dates, which minimizes the probability of receiving expired or damaged goods.


IHerb is very responsible in its work. Its support service answers within minutes, and problems are solved with maximum efficiency. You order will be processed within 15 minutes! You won't find this level of speed in any other online store of this scale.


iHerb only works with trusted suppliers. In order to receive the honor of getting into their catalog, it is necessary to provide undeniable evidence that the products are environmentally friendly, without chemical additives, certified, are not harmful for the body (research results), etc.

This approach shows you just how serious the company is and shows that you're getting really high-quality goods, which completely safe and very effective.

What the store has to offer

Here you can buy:

  •        Vitamins
  •        personal care products (shampoo, gels, creams, toners, etc);
  •        food;
  •        herbs, spices, dietary supplements;
  •        goods for preventative care and good health;
  •        sports nutrition;
  •        weight loss supplements;
  •        aromatic products;
  •        children's toys (only environmentally friendly!);
  •        items for pets;
  •        small household items and kitchen accessories.

In addition to the above, you can also find unique compositions made from rare plant extracts: goji and acai berries, mangosteen, quinoa, etc. Look at the special section where you easily pick up the vitamins or food you need to prevent and treat certain diseases or organs.


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