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(3.90) Average rating of the store
Reviews on Allegro PL (4)
Waiting time for crediting cashback
Cashback will appear in your account with "Pending" status within 2 days
Cashback is confirmed and credited within 65 - 110 days
Information and conditions
1.45 %
Erotica, handcrafts
0.96 %
Antiques and art, office and advertising, jewelry and watches, home and garden (for unlisted), movies, music, clothing, footwear, accessories, industry, baby - footwear, baby - clothing, baby - mom and baby accessories, baby - school supplies, baby - baby feeding, baby - occasions, parties, baby - toys (excluding blocks), baby - health and hygiene, consumer electronics and appliances - built-in household appliances - parts and accessories, consumer electronics and appliances - GPS and accessories (excluding Appliances subcategory), consumer electronics and appliances - other, sports and tourism - running, sports and tourism - collectibles, beauty - makeup, beauty - manicures and pedicures, health - vision correction, health - over-the-counter drugs and dermocosmetics, health - other, health - health, medicine, motorcycle accessories and parts
0.87 %
Child (for unlisted), collectibles, RTV and home appliances (for unlisted), home and garden - furniture, home and garden - garden, child - bicycles and vehicles, child - children's room, child - garden toys, computers - accessories (laptop, PC), computers - laptop parts, computers - internet, computers - software, RTV and home appliances - electronics (excluding Electronics subcategory), RTV and home appliances - remotes, RTV and household appliances - power, sports and tourism - bicycles and accessories (excluding bicycles), sports and tourism - team sports, sports and tourism - extreme sports, sports and tourism - social sports and recreation, sports and tourism - combat sports, sports and tourism - water sports, sports and tourism - tennis and related, sports and tourism - fishing, phones and accessories - GSM accessories and subscriptions, beauty - grooming.
0.77 %
Car accessories, car chemicals, car parts, delicatessen, games, instruments, tools and workshop equipment, sports and tourism (for unlisted), stage, studio and DJ equipment, beauty (for unlisted), home and garden - construction and accessories, home and garden - pets, child - car seats, child - strollers, sports and tourism - militaria, sports and tourism - gym and fitness, sports and tourism - skating, slack, sports and tourism - winter sports, beauty - perfumes and waters, tools and workshop equipment - compressors, machine parts
0.67 %
Komputery - drukarki, skanery, RTV i AGD - elektronika
0.58 %
Photography (for unlisted), consoles and vending machines, health (for unlisted), home and garden - tools, home and garden - cleaning, home and garden - equipment, computers - sound, computers - communications and connectivity, computers - enclosures and power, computers - servers and SCSI, computers - pointing devices, RTV and home - headphones, RTV and home - portable audio equipment, RTV and home - car audio equipment, RTV and home - satellite equipment, RTV and home - TV and video, sports and tourism - sports electronics, phones and accessories - cell phones and accessories (excluding phones), health - oral hygiene
0.49 %
Tickets, books and comics (except textbooks), books and comics - textbooks, consumer electronics and appliances - GPS and accessories - appliances, consumer electronics and appliances - cameras, consumer electronics and appliances - home audio equipment, sports and tourism - bicycles and accessories - bicycles
0.43 %
Household electronics and appliances - small appliances
0.38 %
Computers (not listed), tires and rims
0.29 %
Phones and accessories (for not listed), photography - analog cameras, photography - digital cameras, photography - lenses, computers - imaging and graphics - graphics cards, computers - tablets - devices, electronics and home appliances - e-book readers, phones and accessories - phones
0.24 %
Home electronics and appliances - built-in appliances, home electronics and appliances - freestanding appliances
0.19 %
Electronics and household appliances - televisions
0.14 %
Computers - desktops, computers - laptops, computers - microcomputers
Cashback should appear in your account with "Pending" status within 48 hours after purchase.

Please note that the store may split orders, so the increased cashback can be applied to the first orders that appear in the store's system.

But if your order contains several items of the same product, it will not be divided into separate parts. Cashback will be credited as for one order.

To get cashback, add products to your cart only after going through LetyShops and disable other plugins before purchasing. 

Detailed information about cashback amounts and the list of services you can find here.


Cashback is not credited for: 

- articles bought via auction;

- orders made through Allegro's mobile app;

- orders made with products in different categories at one time;

- orders through Allegro Lokalnie;

- the following categories: Real estate, Services, Holidays, Other vehicles and boats, Machinery, Motorcycles and quads, Trailers, Semi-trailers, Cars, Antiques and art, Military, Medicines, Dietary supplements and components, gift cards;

- cashback is not credited if a gift card is redeemed.


Allegro PL does not deliver orders to all countries of the world, but you can use delivery services of your country for that.

Reviews on Allegro PL (4)

(3.90) Average rating of the store
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We want the feedback to be helpful to people who buy with the cashback in Letyshops.
Therefore, we publish only our customers' reviews.

Cashback from Allegro is a real lottery, it is counted 50/50. At first, you wait nervously for 2 days, whether it will happen or not, whether you did everything right. After all, I have been using LetyShops for almost 4 years, so I carefully check the transition rules, close other tabs, add the selected product to the cart through the search, make sure that cashback is activated, no ad blocking plugins are enabled. Tried one of the Polish cashback platforms (LetyShops, sorry) with the same store - same lottery, doesn't always count automatically. Thank you to the care service, that each application is considered separately, but it's a waste of my time, a service when everything should work automatically. That is why my rating is 2 stars. Hopefully, when the automatic cashback process works flawlessly, my score will improve.

The review was translated from Ukrainian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Good day!

We are always happy to help!

The review was translated from Ukrainian using Google Translate.

three months to confirm cashback... ugh :)

The review was translated from Ukrainian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Cashback is often credited faster =)

The review was translated from Ukrainian using Google Translate.

Out of 10 orders, cashback is charged by the store only for 1. If earlier it was possible to write a request for a lost cashback and it was found in 90% of cases, now applications for a lost cashback are rejected because "The store does not accept requests for the loss of cashback" Confirmed cashback comes quickly, but it is almost impossible to place an order to reflect the cashback. Clear cookies, start a clean browser, etc. etc. don't help! Now I am buying this store through another service.

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Good day!

There are stores that do not consider requests for lost cashback. Allegro PL is one of them. We cannot find out the reason for the loss.
We tried to understand the reasons for non-accrual in requests, crediting bonuses from the service, but we cannot do this all the time :(
Please read the store terms and conditions again and recommendations for successful cashback crediting. Perhaps something is missing.

We sincerely hope that future orders will be recorded automatically.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.
Great site to order.
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