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Before you start using the service (hereinafter referred to as the Service), carefully read the terms of this Agreement, the terms of use of the website, and the policy for processing your personal data set out in this document (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

This document sets out the terms of the offer to the public (the offer) from the LetyShops KFT Company, drawn up in accordance with the laws of Hungary under company registration number 13-09-200084, registered at: 2161 Csomád, Akácos utca 15, Hungary (hereinafter referred to as the Company, We), that any person using the Service (hereinafter referred to as You, the Customer) may enter into an agreement on the terms specified in the Agreement.

By registering with, You agree to the terms of the Agreement. This Agreement comes into effect after You complete the Service registration procedure, namely, after You press the Register button on the registration page (offer acceptance).

Among other things, the Agreement determines which of Your personal data we use and how they are processed. We understand that confidentiality is the priority for the personal data of each Customer. The Agreement describes Your personal data rights, as well as what we do to observe these rights.

We have tried to make the Agreement accessible, concise, and clear for You. If anything in the Agreement appears to You to be incomprehensible, please contact us via the Help section, and we shall provide You with all the necessary explanations.

Customer agreement
1. General provisions
  • 1.1

    The LetyShops Service is an Internet service that allows its Customers to reclaim some of their money spent on purchases made on the Advertisers’ websites after using the website (this money is hereinafter referred to as the Cashback), as well as to receive informational and advertising notifications about discounts, promos, and special offers of the Service and Advertisers (the Advertiser is any person or business entity that has placed information about its products or services offered for sale to Customers on the website).

  • 1.2

    In order for the cashback to be credited to You, You need to go to the chosen Advertiser’s website using the LetyShops link and make a purchase there, in compliance with the terms indicated on the LetyShops website, as well as on the website (web page) of the respective Advertiser. If the purchase is made in compliance with all the above terms, as well as the other necessary conditions stipulated by this Agreement, and no return of the product (or refusal of the service) was made, the Advertiser pays, either personally or through the affiliated network used, to the Company or any of its affiliated persons a commission: a pre-agreed cash reward that the Advertiser pays for an attracted buyer who has made an order in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Commission). After receiving the Commission, LetyShops credits the cashback to the Customer at the rate specified on the Advertiser’s page hosted by the LetyShops website within a reasonable time, determined at the discretion of LetyShops. This process takes an average of thirty days (for the avoidance of doubt, the estimated period is given only for information purposes and does not bind LetyShops in any way).

  • 1.3

    If the Advertiser does not provide information about the purchases made by the Customer, or LetyShops does not receive the Commission, LetyShops, in turn, is entitled not to credit the cashback to the Customer until it obtains this information or the Commission, and is not liable to the Customer for the non-credited cashback in this case.

Customer agreement
2. How to become a customer
  • 2.1

    In order to become a Customer of the LetyShops Service and make use of it, the Customer must go through the registration procedure on the LetyShops website and accept the terms of this Agreement. Registration is required to create the Customer account and its associated internal account, which will take into account the available cashback for the purchases made using the Service.

  • 2.2

    Only adults, or minors acting through the person of their legal representatives, are entitled to register and become Customers.

    By registering, the Customer expresses his/her consent to the rules of this Agreement and guarantees that he/she is an adult or other person acting through the person of his/her legal representatives in full compliance with the legislation of the state of citizenship of the relevant Customer.

  • 2.3

    A single person may only have a single account; otherwise, LetyShops reserves the right to block and delete duplicate accounts.

  • 2.4

    LetyShops recommends not disclosing or transferring to other people the login and password of Your account and not saving them to other computers, phones, or tablets. In any event, LetyShops is not liable for any damage caused to the Customer in connexion with these circumstances.

  • 2.5

    Should a Customer of the LetyShops Service violate the terms of this Agreement, the rights of third parties, or pose a threat to the operation of the Service, LetyShops reserves the right to block the account of the Customer, subsequently delete it, and terminate the Agreement with the Customer unilaterally, under an extrajudicial procedure, through notification to the email address specified by the Customer when registering with the Service or when subsequently using it.

  • 2.6

    LetyShops is entitled to make functional changes to the Service operation, change the rules of the cashback crediting, as well as supplement and modify this Agreement. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, You acknowledge and agree that further use of the LetyShops Service by the Customer means that he/she has accepted such changes.

  • 2.7

    If for any reason the Customer changes his/her email address or other data specified when registering, the Customer undertakes to change them in his/her account with the LetyShops Service as well. Otherwise, there may problems in using the Service, for which LetyShops will not be liable.

Customer agreement
3. Receiving a refunding of the sum (cashback)
  • 3.1

    If the LetyShops Customer has made a purchase in compliance with all the terms of the Service and the Advertiser, and the Commission has been transferred from the Advertiser to LetyShops in a pre-agreed amount, the cashback is automatically credited to the Customer’s balance on the Service. When the amount reaches a point of minimum allowed to withdraw specified at page, the Customer is entitled to withdraw this amount using any convenient payment method (the available withdrawal methods are listed on the Withdrawal page in the personal account).

  • 3.2

    LetyShops unilaterally sets the cashback rate for each Advertiser and reserves the right to change it at any time prior to the moment of crediting the cashback.

  • 3.3

    Cashback is accrued for a purchase made only if the purchase is actually completed and payment is made. LetyShops recommends that its Customers save the information and the documents confirming that they have paid for the product on the website of the online store (email or screenshot of the payment page).

  • 3.4

    NB To avoid non-crediting/rejection of cashback, it is prohibited to make numerous purchases in a short period of time from stores with a fixed cashback rate. Such actions may be perceived as fraudulent, which may entail the user being blocked. We draw Your attention to the fact that there are various situations in which the Advertiser is unable correctly to identify the order made and pay the Commission. The reasons could be computer malware or additional extensions installed in the browser. In such cases, LetyShops will not be responsible for the non-crediting of the cashback.

  • 3.5

    The Service provides and guarantees the payments only in those currencies and in the ways specified on the site. The Company is not liable for the inability to receive cashback in currencies other than those specified on the site. The Company is not liable and does not compensate any additional expenses, incl. conversion rates that could be charged when withdrawing a cashback to the account opened in a currency other than selected on the site.

  • 3.6

    The company reserves the right to decline cashback for a purchased order in case of unconfirmed remuneration by a shop or non-receipt of partner fees for 18 months or more from the date of the purchase.

Customer agreement
4. Receiving bonuses and other rewards
  • 4.1

    Referral programme

    • 4.1.1

      LetyShops cashback service offers our clients the opportunity to get a reward for attracting new users to LetyShops. To do that please generate your own referral link under the "Refer and earn" section. After that you friend signs up for LetyShops using your link and makes a qualifying purchase for $15 at least and you both earn a reward in the amount of $3. The reward is credited to your account balances as soon as your friend receives cashback for the qualifying purchase.

      Important! A qualifying purchase can consist of one or several orders for a total amount of $15 or more and should be made in one or more partner shops cooperating with LetyShops within 30 days from such a new user's registration date.

    • 4.1.2

      NB The above conditions of the referral programme will apply only upon condition that the Customer has not violated one or more of the provisions specified below:

    • (a)

      It is forbidden to create referral partners individually, to create a referral network in order to obtain a greater reward. If a fake referral network is detected, all its users will be blocked without the possibility of further withdrawal of the cashback and the restoration of their accounts.

    • (b)

      Our Customers are forbidden to send junk in the context of a referral programme. It is strictly forbidden to send junk (in private messages on social media, to groups and communities of partner stores, by mailing, etc.) to attract referrals. If a Customer wishes to report cases of using our referral programme to send junk, he/she can do so in the Help section, and LetyShops will take appropriate measures.

    • (с)

      It is forbidden to use contextual advertising to attract referrals.

    • (d)

      It is strictly forbidden to create any mobile applications, extensions, and social media groups on behalf of the Service and using the LetyShops logo. This also applies to pulling up pages from the LetyShops website inside applications.

    • (e)

      It is strictly forbidden to use the brand name of LetyShops and partner stores in the domain names of websites created to attract traffic and referrals under the referral programme.

    • 4.1.3

      The violation by the Customer of any provisions of paragraphs 4.1.2(a) – 4.1.2(e) entails the blocking of the Customer without the possibility of withdrawing funds and the termination of the Agreement by LetyShops unilaterally, under an extrajudicial procedure.

    • 4.1.4

      LetyShops reserves the right to unilaterally change the conditions of the referral programme or terminate its operation at any time.

  • 4.2

    Loyalty programme. For loyal Customers of the LetyShops Service, there is a loyalty programme, which allows to increase the standard cashback rate. Current terms of the loyalty programme, including necessary terms and conditions, are specified on the user’s Personal cabinet page at

  • The terms of the Loyalty Programme may not apply if the cashback rate differs from the standard rate, for example, at the time of a cashback promo for the relevant Advertiser or when the Customer uses the Lety code (see below). LetyShops reserves the right to unilaterally change the conditions of the Loyalty Programme or terminate its operation at any time.

  • 4.3

    Premium account. This is an opportunity to increase on a paid basis the value of the cashback rate by 30% from the rates announced by the Service. The Premium account operates on the basis of a monthly prepayment and is paid for by the accrued cashback. The cost of connecting the account is specified on the user's Personal cabinet page at LetyShops reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Premium account operation or terminate its operation at any time while notifying its Customers thereof.

  • 4.4

    Lety codes. These are special codes that allow an increase in the cashback rate when they are activated or that provide any other preferential terms set by LetyShops. Lety codes are issued and are valid only for the Service and are available only to Customers of the Service. The term of validity for Lety codes is established by the Service Administration.

  • 4.5

    The provision of any other bonuses or rewards will be governed by the terms and conditions accompanying such offers. These terms and conditions govern the payment and crediting of other types of bonuses or rewards if these terms and conditions differ from this Agreement.

  • 4.6

    NB If the Customer has the opportunity to use the Loyalty Programme, the Lety code, and the Premium account, the cashback rates are not added up. Only the rate that is most beneficial to the Customer shall apply.

Customer agreement
5. The withdrawal of the cashback credited
  • 5.1

    The withdrawal of the cashback credited from the Customer’s internal account in the Service is carried out by any method convenient to the Customer offered by the Service. To withdraw the cashback, You must meet the following conditions:

    • 5.1.1

      he amount of cashback paid must not be less than the minimum amount specified at page.

    • 5.1.2

      You must make a request for withdrawal by indicating the amount, method of withdrawal, and other necessary data, including Your personal data, required to effect the payment of the cashback according to the rules of the chosen payment system (see paragraphs 2.1.3 , 3.1.2(d) , and 4.1.3 of the Privacy Policy).

    • 5.1.3

      You must specify only real, reliable, accurate, and registered data.

  • 5.2

    LetyShops will notify You about the withdrawal of the cashback in a message via the communication channel You have chosen in the relevant section of Your personal account or by emailing to the address You provided on registration or in the course of using the Service.

  • 5.3

    After the request is confirmed and LetyShops is commissioned to pay the cashback:

    • 5.3.1

      The obligation of LetyShops to pay out the cashback indicated in the request is considered fulfilled.

    • 5.3.2

      LetyShops is not responsible for what happens to the cash thereinafter.

  • 5.4

    LetyShops may use the services and software solutions provided by third parties to effect payments of cashback.

  • 5.5

    LetyShops reserves the right to unilaterally change the withdrawal conditions at any time while notifying its Customers.

Customer agreement
6. Authority and responsibility
  • 6.1

    LetyShops does not sell any products or services but is an advertising platform for Advertisers to place information about their products or services.

  • 6.2

    LetyShops will not be responsible for the quality of the products or services provided by the Advertisers. All claims relating to the quality of the products or services of the Advertisers will be sent directly to the person who has sold the corresponding product or provided the corresponding service.

  • 6.3

    LetyShops is not liable for any modification or termination of the activity of the Advertisers, presented on the LetyShops website, as well as for any influence they may have on the cashback accrual in connexion with such changes. LetyShops is not liable for any change to or termination of any special offers, promotional codes, and coupons on the Advertisers’ websites.

  • 6.4

    LetyShops is not liable for the quality of the channels of public communication networks through which access is provided to the LetyShops Service or the Advertiser’s website (services).

  • 6.5

    LetyShops is responsible for the non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of the obligations assumed to credit the cashback in accordance with the applicable law, the liability of LetyShops being limited to the amount of actual damage to the Customer caused by its deliberate actions.

  • 6.6

    LetyShops reserves the right to block or delete the account of the Customer if it has not been used to make purchases for 1 (one) year from the date of making the last purchase through the LetyShops website or from the moment of registration (whichever is the more recent). The Customer will receive notification of the potential deletion of his/her account by email as well as in the personal account of the Customer. In case of deletion, all cashback accumulated in the Customer’s internal account is cancelled

Customer agreement
7. Intellectual property
  • 7.1

    By registering at LetyShops or using any other components of the Service, the Customer acknowledges that LetyShops owns the entire content of the LetyShops website and related mobile applications. The signs, logos, trademarks of LetyShops, the trademarks and commercial designations of the Advertisers, as well as other data, the results of intellectual activity, and means of individualisation, published and available on the LetyShops website, are the intellectual property of their respective owners and are protected by applicable law.

  • 7.2

    No one has the right to copy, distribute, publicly display, or create derivatives of the LetyShops website, or use any materials owned by the Company without obtaining prior permission from LetyShops.

  • 7.3

    Using the services of LetyShops or any other materials owned by LetyShops, the Customer agrees to comply with all additional instructions of LetyShops for the protection of copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property reflected on the website and mobile applications of LetyShops, as well as all other instructions and restrictions.

Customer agreement
8. The transfer of rights and obligations
  • 8.1

    LetyShops reserves the right to transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement in full or in part to any individual or legal entity without the need to obtain the Customer’s consent to this transfer.

  • 8.2

    The Customer is not entitled to unilaterally transfer his/her rights and obligations to third parties without the prior written consent of the authorised representative of LetyShops.

Customer agreement
9. Breach of the customer agreement
  • 9.1

    LetyShops reserves the right to reject unilaterally, at its sole discretion, cashback crediting and to suspend or completely terminate the access of any Customer to the Service’s services if the Customer has breached the terms of this Agreement.

  • 9.2

    A breach of the terms of the Agreement, among others, is incurred by:

    • 9.2.1

      Receiving a message from the Advertiser about cases when the amount of cashback to be credited to the Customer is larger than the actual amount of payment for the order.

    • 9.2.2

      Frequent orders for large amounts (the frequency and amount depend on the Advertiser’s store).

    • 9.2.3

      Completion of an order with cashback by an employee of the Advertiser’s store.

    • 9.2.4

      Registration of several accounts with the store, in order to receive cashback at the rate of a new user.

    • 9.2.5

      Forgery of screenshots and cheques.

    • 9.2.6

      Declination of the commission for the order by the Advertiser’s store.

    • 9.2.7

      Other complaints of fraud received from the Advertiser’s store.

  • 9.3

    Any attempt at fraud or deceit on the part of the Customer entails the blocking or deletion of his/her account. All accumulated cashback at the time of the deletion of the account, if any, will pass to LetyShops.

  • 9.4

    If the Customer suspects fraud, he/she can report it to LetyShops in the Help section. The Customer’s complaint will be reviewed by the relevant service, and appropriate measures will be taken by the Service staff.

Customer agreement
10. Malfunction of the service
  • 10.1

    LetyShops admit the probability of the malfunction of the Service related to technical problems or intentional actions of third parties. In the event of such occurrences, LetyShops will not be liable for cashback non-crediting and other non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under the Agreement. LetyShops reserves the right to suspend the Service and its components until the threats or errors are eliminated. In all cases of Service malfunction, requests for refunding will not be considered.

  • 10.2

    LetyShops reserves the right to cancel transactions made during a Service malfunction if there are objective reasons to do so or there are suspicions of possible fraud or error.

  • 10.3

    LetyShops will take all reasonable efforts to eliminate the operative bugs within a reasonable time.

Customer agreement
11. The validity and duration of this agreement
  • 11.1

    This Agreement is considered to be entered into upon completion of the Customer’s registration (the Customer’s acceptance of the offer) and is valid until the Customer’s account is deleted.

  • 11.2

    This Agreement and LetyShops’ relationship with the Customers of the Service in connexion with this Agreement is governed by the law of Hungary to the extent permitted by national conflict-of-law rules applicable to the parties of this Agreement.

  • 11.3

    In case of any linguistic discrepancies in the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement, the English version of the Agreement shall prevail for purposes of its performance, interpretation and settlement of disputes.

12. Contacts

You can contact us or send Your questions to us using the Help section.

LetyShops KFT Company, drawn up in accordance with the laws of Hungary under company registration number 13-09-200084, registered at: 2161 Csomád, Akácos utca 15, Hungary.

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