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Purchases at Plum Goodness with cashback in India

(4.50) Average rating of the store
Reviews on Plum Goodness (4)
Waiting time for crediting cashback
Cashback will appear in your account with "Pending" status within 7 days
Cashback is confirmed and credited within 60 - 120 days


  • It may take up to 7 days for cashback to appear on your account balance with "Pending" status.
  • Cashback is not credited in case of using third-party coupons, vouchers or promotional codes of any kind.
  • Due to the shop's T&C any request for the lost cashback should be submitted till the 5th of the month next after that in which a corresponding order was made. Any request submitted later than that will be rejected automatically.

Reviews on Plum Goodness (4)

(4.50) Average rating of the store
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Therefore, we publish only our customers' reviews.
Sanjeevni Kapoor
These sites work the best with the one and only LetyShops, Just got the delivery. #letyshops customer forever!

Hello, I love your product especially skin care products it's lovely to use 

Ajay Y.

Taking too much time to credit the amount..also the withdrawal amount hi little bit high



Each store has its own time to confirm cashback and count it to the balance. This information is published on the transition page.

There is the minimum withdrawal amount, but our service pay full commission for funds transfer and you get the entire amount of cashback.

LetyShops team

Muskan Singhaniya

Guys not a complain, really appreciate your site. But just that please look into the cashback timing. It takes too long to credit.



We are open for feedback. Thank you :)

Each of our partners has its own deadlines for transmitting information and rewards for the order.

LetyShops team

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