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No service! The site says that the delivery by courier incl. on Saturday, indicated because of this home address, placing an order on Friday. Called only on the trail. A week, and then, once in the morning, was missed, this day they no longer called back, they say, call the unknown numbers yourself. After a while, they still called, said the work address. The courier could not find the 5th building, demanded that I myself was looking for him to run! He argued and quipped, he didn’t listen to the description of the area at all, he, you see, wasn’t comfortable on his car to turn around and go to me and look for an address. I'm tired, I hung up and called the company. I was asked to make a statement to them by mail. Sent, describing the whole situation. Answered after some time, supposedly, sorry for the long wait, we allegedly complained to the courier company. and EVERYTHING! Neither let us deliver you again, nor any excusable bonuses, discounts, nothing! People just don't care! Well, ok. In vain only added to the wall link to their group. And it’s good that I didn’t pay online (although payment is supposedly possible there, in fact, isn’t) I meet such indifference for the first time among Letishops shops, and for the first time in the years of work such couriers who cannot and, most importantly, do not want to deliver the goods!
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Sapibo, Cashback bestanden.
Der Beitrag wurde von Russisch mit Google Translate übersetzt. Original anzeigen Übersetzung anzeigen