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Average waiting time for cashback: 30 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
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Reviews on Улыбка радуги (1)

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Disappointed with the work of his once beloved store. After installing the extension, LetyShops was very pleased that the Rainbow Smile is among the partners. I can not only buy girls' little things, but also get a penny of cashback. She made an order on 09/06/2018, took it and paid for it at the point of issue 09/12/2018, waited for the charge. But alas and ah! At the expiration of the stated period no movement. She came in support, provided screenshots confirming the purchase and receipt. After that, the cashback was credited with 09.10.2018. Support staff explained this by a long data check by the store itself. But something tells me that without my appeal, the cashback I would not see.

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Good day, Natalia!

Thanks for the comment.

Thank you for providing all the data in circulation. We sincerely wanted to help with the calculation of remuneration, but, fortunately, the cashback for the order was credited automatically according to the data from partners 09.10 in the morning.

Have a great day!

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.