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Average waiting time for cashback: 30 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
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3.6% За оплаченный заказ из категорий Аксессуары, Дом, Декор
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0.5% За оплаченный заказ из категорий iPhone, Компьютерная техника, Умные часы, Фитнес-браслеты

Reviews on Teek Store (1)

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In general, the quality of service is very satisfied. They brought everything on the day of order. But two months passed, and the cashback did not appear (((

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation


Thanks for the comment.

We are sincerely sorry that the cashback for your order was not fixed.

We really want to understand the reasons for the loss of remuneration and do everything possible to eliminate them, so we sent a request to our partners.

We cooperate with the store not directly, but through a special affiliate program. In this regard, communication is a little more complicated.

Your message is kept under control by the care manager. As soon as the information from the partners arrives, he will report on the result and will do everything possible to resolve the issue in your favor.

Hope for your understanding.

There will be additional questions - be sure to write.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.