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Reviews on Дом Спорта (2)

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Fully agree with the recall below, the same story. It took a long time to order, brought without the main spare parts, it was impossible to assemble the simulator. A few months (!!!) then they brought this spare part, in the end they brought something wrong again. It’s impossible to find the ends, the managers are constantly changing or sending them to the workers in the warehouse, it’s very difficult to call and find the person in charge, and even harder to get their money and return the goods! It took me half a year to fight with the store! Six months later, after threatening the court, they finally returned the money. This is the worst experience of buying goods, never encountered such a store and so indifferent attitude towards the buyer. I highly recommend considering any other stores and not repeating our mistakes.
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Sharashkin office. I waited for the order for 3 weeks, then for 4 days I waited for the order to be brought, every day delivery was postponed. And finally, they brought the order, in the end they put the wrong product, so they also refused to cashback. If the road nerves and money never order in this office

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Thanks for the feedback.

We are sorry that this situation happened with your order. If the purchase was still purchased, please inform our customer service. We will try to help with the issue of cashback.

We hope this will not happen again.

With the first day of spring!

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.
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