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Reviews on Kiwi (4)
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  • It may take up to 10 days for cashback for your order made from the store to appear in your account with "Pending" status.
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Reviews on Kiwi (4)

(3.00) Average rating of the store
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Виталик Цемох
Great, the order was confirmed very quickly and the funds were already in the account.
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`Traveled with them 2 years ago- tragic communication/availability, problems with check in, cancelled flights that `I had to take care finally on my own and till now (2 years) didn't got my money back -> their kiwi guarantee simply doesn't work and neither does customer support. Avoid at all cost.



We are so sorry that you have such an experience. Try to contact the customer support team for one more time. Hope, this issue will be resolved.

LetyShops team

A very nice portal. Great price for tickets. I was a bit worried about the details, but I checked in online. I got everything in advance. Overall, I highly recommend it!
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In general, when looking for a flight for 3 people, of course, I was looking for the cheapest one first, and it found me on the Kiwi.com website. I found a flight and I say quite affordable price for PLN 1122 with luggage both ways. And I check that the Kiwi belongs to Summer and it's return. But when I switched to Kiwi through the years, suddenly the prices increased by almost PLN 180. Of course, I resigned from buying via the Summer website because the flight directly to the Kiwi was cheaper. And there is no translation, you know, prices are rising - yes, I agree, but not that there is such a price on one side and a completely different browser on the other.

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Good morning!

We have no influence on prices in stores. However, we do not deny that websites may set different prices when switching from other sites. Information about this was also posted on the store's website. We hope that the terms of cooperation will be changed in the future.

Yours sincerely,
LetyShops team

The review was translated from Polish using Google Translate.
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