Cashback shopping rules for Canada

  • Disable third party extensions

    Please try disabling all third-party extensions before purchasing, as they can cause cashback loss or cancellation. Here you can find more details on how to do it.
  • Meet store conditions

    Each store has its own special conditions, which are very important to keep in mind, before making a purchase with cashback. These conditions are indicated, on the store page, when making the transition from our service.
    They will help you find out if you can use, when buying, discounts, bonuses, coupons and promotional codes, order from a legal entity, buy at cost price, on credit and at the same time get cashback.
    Knowledge is power!
  • Buy in a browser session

    In order not to lose the cashback, place the order in the same tab that was opened, after making the transition from our service / plug-in, do not close it at the time during the order registration and do not go to other tabs.
  • Use our extension and application

    Consider it more an advice, than a rule or condition :)
    The extension and the mobile application will reduce the risk of losing the cashback, they will remind you of the benefit and offer interesting suggestions.
    Also, your favorite service will always be at hand!
  • If you are still experiencing cashback loss, try the following:

    1. Download a separate browser for cashback purchases, where you will only install our extension;
    2. Before making the transition, clear the cookies. Here you can see how to do it :);
    3. Change your device from which you make purchases. For example, if you often lose cashback from your PC, you can try to order from your mobile or tablet;
    4. Make your purchase in an estimated time of one hour;
    5. Add the items to the basket, after having made the transition from our service;
  • Give your consent to the processing of cookies

    Stores usually need your consent to the processing of cookies for information about your order to be transferred to us and for cashback to be credited.
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