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Reviews on Odisseias (2)
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Reviews on Odisseias (2)

(3.00) Average rating of the store
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I made a purchase and the CB was available within a few days.
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Bruno Oliveira

I made two purchases at Odisseias, following all the steps from the beginning to receive the cashback and confirming before completing the purchase that the cashback was still active, they still refused to pay the cashback on both purchases. I always buy with letyshops and almost always everything goes well, it seems that the problems only arise in some merchants.

The review was translated from Portuguese using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Hello Bruno!

Thank you for taking into account all our recommendations and the algorithm for making cashback purchases.
Unfortunately, the cashback can be lost by mistake, but we can always contact our partners to find out the reason for the situation and return the commission.
We sincerely believe that the situation will not be repeated. We would be grateful if, in the future, when making a purchase, you make a video of the screen with the purchase process and send it to our customer service manager. This will help to understand what went wrong.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Portuguese using Google Translate.
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