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Purchases at Alibaba with cashback in Portugal

Waiting time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 105 days
Maximum waiting time for cashback: 210 days

Order numbers may differ slightly in your LetyShops account and at AliBaba, especially when the order consists of several positions. It goes so because the store has a separate number for each item, which is then transferred to LetyShops as an order number.

Order amounts and the cashback values accordingly can also vary a bit. The reason for that is the conversion of currencies in which Alibaba conducts transactions.


Cashback amount credited to your account balance may vary from amount displayed before. This is caused by conversion of rates between the shop's and your account's currencies.


Cashback may be displayed with a delay of 2 days.


Cashback is not credited

Attention! Cashback is not credited:
  • for the orders purchased by supplier's link ("Contact Supplier"). For cashback to be credited please place an order using the "Start Order" button and pay for it right after that;
  • for delivery services;
  • in case of using the shop's mobile app;
  • for the following categories: "Protective equipment > Medical and other protective equipment > Masks and respirators" and "Health & Medical > Medical consumables";
  • for virtual products (including gift cards, coupons, etc.).

Reviews on Alibaba (2)

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I have even recorded my purchase but they simply blocked me and I cannot open a query about the same order, they simply do not give me the option here is my purchase recorded on video so that they can explain to me that I did wrong or even that I can send for all users see my purchase and everything is clear, and even so they closed the case and do not even allow me to consult again about it or send the evidence

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate. Show original Show translation


do not worry please. Your account is not blocked.

We see that you have an open appeal on this issue.

We recommend that you place future orders according to the terms published on the store page: .

Unfortunately, we are unable to contact the partners to resolve this issue and return the full amount of funds. We hope your future purchases are successful, our tips will help you with this: .

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate.

It is useless, I have made several purchases of large and small amounts with the terms that they suggest and nothing credited me just one purchase and on the others I must wait 6 months for them to respond.

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Good Morning!

We have contacted our partners to understand the reasons for the loss of your cashback. Unfortunately, we cannot speed up the process. As soon as we receive the response, the manager will notify you.
We look forward.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Spanish using Google Translate.
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