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Average waiting time for cashback: 30 days
Maximum waiting time for cashback: 60 days
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9.6 %
Оплаченный полис страхования НС Дети и спорт
9.6 %
Оплаченные полис Онкострахование AlfaSynopsis
9.6 %
Оплаченный полис страхования от укуса клеща
9.6 %
Оплаченный полис страхования ипотеки Сбербанка
9.6 %
Оплаченный полис страхования НС Альфазащита
9.3 %
Оплаченный полис ВЗР
6.41 %
Оплаченный полис страхования квартиры Альфаремонт
6.41 %
Оплаченный полис страхования квартиры Добрые соседи
6.41 %
Оплаченный полис страхования АльфаДом
190 rub
Оплаченный полис ОСАГО

Кэшбэк не начисляется:

- за продление полиса;

- при совершении заказа от имени юридического лица;

- за заказы, совершенные с мобильных устройств.

Reviews on АльфаСтрахование (15)

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More than thirty years of driving experience, paid for and this year they took much more than the previous one and the bonus mouse 0.90 is that the crap?) For the third year in a row with them, but you need to change this sharaga. Moreover, there were accumulative bonuses, but they are in no way possible to use! PEOPLE THIS IS A LOKHOTRON.

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Good day!

It is a pity that you have such an opinion. AlfaStrakhovanie OSAGO have established themselves as reliable partners.

Try to contact the company's support service. There they will be able to explain to you why the price has changed and how you can use bonuses.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.
Everything is simple and convenient, went to your personal account, clicked "extend" and paid. Everything, no problems, but it must be borne in mind that the policy will be valid no earlier than the fourth day after the purchase. The date was automatically tightened, the old policy is valid until 04/13/2020, the new one will be valid from 04/14/2020. despite the fact that he bought it 04/04/2020.
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issued OSAGO, the cost was taken for 12 months, and the insurance period is 11 months, crooks, and the date of issuing the policy is offered to be selected a week later (I made out on 03/25/2020 I was able to issue a policy only from 03/29/2020). I hope that there will be no insurance claims .. . and then run around with these guys.
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