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cashback came 400 rubles.
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Hello! In general, I decided to take out insurance for the car. After letishops went to this store. Filled out the necessary data, I was offered several options. I wanted to arrange Tenkoff because the price was offered low, and my friend insured there .. But something didn’t grow together, they wrote to me that there were no offers from this insurer and they issued several other insurance companies for the same amount. I wrote in those support (they said wait for feedback). Then I realized that the insured somehow didn’t calculate and offered a smaller amount (although I couldn’t offer it according to the conditions), already from 3 attempts I was counted, the total was larger, and I decided not to insure there: D The next day I The manager called, explained what's what. And I decided in the evening to try again. Since now it’s not clear with the Russian Internet, I had an error at the time of registration. I decided already to score on this whole thing, and then the manager calls me to whom I was assigned. He suggested I try again, and howl, everything worked out) After I took out insurance, the manager called me and asked how everything went. But the letter did not come to my mail) The manager reassured me, said that there was nothing to worry about. I sent my check in those support. On the trail. I called back the day and said that they could not send me insurance by mail, because the postal address is incorrect) In general, I’ve got it wrong) The manager sent the correct mailing address to those support and said that they would send me insurance within a couple of days. The next day, he called me and said that the letter was sent, I immediately checked the mail and everything is ok) Why all this. They have an unrealistically cool manager, Rusiev Ruslan, If I correctly remember the name) It works very quickly and constantly in contact, you do not have to call anyone! He will call and take an interest, and if there are any incomprehensions, he will surely understand and not be too lazy to call back and specify how the situation is. In general, as a result, I bought insurance cheaper, and I am very pleased with the service. It's nice to deal with such people! many thanks to Ruslan. At first there were problems with the cashback, I contacted the help desk help. Manager Natasha Pululyakh answered me, examined the application within a couple of days, and very quickly resolved the issue! A high level of professionalism is noticeable, for which many thanks to her and the Letishops team! Insurance purchased, cashback received and I am very satisfied! I will continue to use the Letishops service! I hope this fitback helps anyone. Oh yes, insurance beats in the database of the RSA, so that everything is without deception!
The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation
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