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Purchases at Лабиринт with cashback in Netherlands

Time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 9 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
Maximum waiting time for cashback: 45 days
If the rules for purchases with cashback haven't been violated and the item hasn't been returned to the seller, cashback will be credited no later than this period.
Information and conditions

Для получения кэшбэка нужно осуществлять переход с нашего сервиса/активировать кэшбэк в расширении перед каждым заказом. 1 переход – 1 заказ.


Кэшбэк не будет начислен за:
1. Товары стоимостью меньше 50 рублей.
2. Заказы, оформленные через мобильное приложение Лабиринт.

3. Заказы, полностью оплаченные сертификатом. 


Если заказ частично оплачивается сертификатом, кэшбэк будет начислен на ту часть суммы, которая оплачена деньгами.

Reviews on Лабиринт (2)

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Therefore, we do not publish reviews that:
• contain advertising
• contain obscene language
• are non-informative (only star rating or a few words)
Last order - cashback did not work. Care service BONUS charged him to me - THANKS !!! Today ordered - everything worked! Payment will be in cash to the courier, because the status of cashback is pending, but I am sure that everything will be ok!
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The store is not bad, it promptly works with orders unpaid via the Internet, which I can’t say about orders paid by the card when you place it on the site, treat such orders carelessly ((At least mine (Moscow). I did the same as the whole order two days ago - there is a switch to the Labyrinth, there is no cashback in expectation ...

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Hello, Alexander!

Thank you for reporting the difficulty.

We see that you have already created an appeal to the care service and the question is being considered. During the day, expect a response from the manager Elena.

Thank you for being with us!

Good evening!

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.
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