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Purchases at JD with cashback in Netherlands

Time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 80 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
Information and conditions
1.5% For paid order from categories: Electronics and Accessories, Smartphones, SmartDevices and Headphones (JD Collection)
1.5% For paid order from categories: Computers and accessories, Camera&Photo, Game Consoles and Accessories, Audio and Video Equipment (JD Collections)
0.5% For paid order (not JD collection)
2.5% For paid order from other categories (JD Collections)

Attention! Cashback is now credited for all goods. 


Important! In order to successfully accrue cashback, the transfer should be made from a computer. When transferring to the store JD on mobile app, cashback is not credited. 


Attention! For goods purchased from the brands Jaycee Hair, SevenWig, MPJX, ALOT Hair Online Store, HCDIVA Hair Online Store, HC Hair Factory Store, HOTLOVE Hair Online Store, Violet virgin hair store, A Ting,Sailuo, cashback is credited starting at 1,5%. 


To receive cashback you must transfer through our service before every order. 1 transfer - 1 order. 


Attention! Cashback is accrued in the currency you chose when registering.

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I wanted to buy a OnePlus 6 smartphone, I ordered 07.07, the order was never delivered, I re-ordered it at 17.08, I also did not deliver the order. Tracking breaks on shipping from China and that's it. They steal them, do not send, it is not clear. But one thing is clear, this is due to the fact that the store sends expensive phones not tracked track number. It was succeeded to get only from the third attempt phone. As a result, it took more than 2 months and 3 attempts from the desire to buy the device to receive it.
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