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Reviews on Amazon IN (70)
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Cashback is confirmed and credited within 60 - 120 days
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4 %
Luxury Beauty, Home
3.5 %
Luggage, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Watches, Pet Products, Baby Products, Health and personal Care
3 %
Beauty, Sports, Lawn and Garden, Apparel
2.5 %
Kitchen, Jewelry (exc. Gold/Silver coins and precious Jewelry)
0.75 %
Phones: OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R
0.5 %
Phones: HMD 105, HMD 110, Honor X9B, iQOO 12, iQOO Neo9 Pro, iQOO Z7 Pro, iQOO Z9, iQOO Z9x, Itel A70, Itel Aura 05i, Itel P40, Itel P40+, Itel P55, Itel P55 5G, Itel P55+, Itel P55T, Itel S23, Itel S24, Lava Agni 2, Lava Blaze 5G, Lava Blaze Curve, Lava O2, Lava Storm 5G, Nokia 105 Classic DS, Nokia 105 Classic DS WoC, Nokia 105 Classic SS, Nokia 105 Classic SS WoC, Nokia 105 DS (2023), Nokia 105 SS (2023), Nokia 106 4G DS, Nokia 106 DS, Nokia 106 SS, Nokia 110 4G DS, Nokia 110 DS (2023), Nokia 130 DS, Nokia 150 DS (2023), Nokia 215, Nokia 220, Nokia 225, Nokia 235, Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 5310, Nokia 6310, Nokia 8210, Nokia C32, Nokia G42, OnePlus 12, Oneplus Open 5G, Oppo A18, Oppo A3 Pro 5G, Oppo A38, Oppo A59 5G, Oppo A79 5G, Oppo F25 Pro 5G, Oppo F27 Pro+ 5G, Realme GT 6T, Realme N63, Realme N65, realme narzo 70 5G, realme narzo 70 Pro, realme NARZO 70x, Tecno Camon 20, Tecno Camon 20 Premier, Tecno Camon 20 Pro, Tecno Camon 20s Pro, Tecno Camon 30, Tecno Camon 30 Premier, Tecno Phantom V Flip, Tecno Phantom V Fold, Tecno Phantom X2, Tecno Phantom X2 Pro, Tecno POVA 5 Pro, Tecno Pova 6 Pro, Tecno Spark 10C, Tecno Spark 20, Tecno Spark 20C, Tecno Spark Go, Vivo X Fold3 Pro 5G, Vivo Y18, Vivo Y18e, Vivo Y200 5G, Vivo Y200 Pro 5G, Vivo Y200e 5G, Vivo Y27, Vivo Y28 5G, Vivo Y58 5G
0.25 %
Phones: OnePlus Nord CE4, Redmi Note 13 Pro+, Redmi Note 13 Pro, Redmi Note 13 5G
The Rewards rates stated above will be applicable from July 1st '24 till July 31st '24.
Rewards are credited ONLY for the products and categories MENTIONED above, all the other categories will be at zero (₹0) commission. Please, strictly shop in the categories mentioned above.
Separate orders from the same category with identical order value made within the same date will track as 1 (one) order! For example, if a user orders dress and socks worth Rs.100 each (₹100), in the personal LetyShops account the user will see 1 order with total order value of Rs.200 (₹200).
At the same time, each item purchased is registered by Amazon IN as a separate order. That means that two, three, four etc. items from different categories purchased during one session will be shown as two, three, four, etc. separate orders in a user's personal account with LetyShops.
ATTENTION: ONLY one order per customer account is allowed during the month for ALL MOBILES (WIRELESS CATEGORY)!


  • Tracking Time: Within 72 Hours after your order has been shipped. Upon the order confirmation the rewards are calculated properly.
  • If the rewards for your order are shown as 0, please check if the items you purchased are eligible for rewards.
  • Rewards are not credited in case of using any third-party promo codes.
  • No rewards will be paid for GST-registered customers/ Amazon Business users on purchase of any smartphone.
  • Rewards are not credited on the following mobile phones: all Apple iPhone models, iQOO Z3, iQOO 7 Legend, iQOO 7, iQOO 9 SE, iQOO 9 Pro, iQOO 9, iQOO Z5, iQOO Z6 4G, iQOO Z6 5G, iQOO Z6 Pro, iQOO Neo 6, iQOO Z6 44 W, iQOO 9T, iQOO Z6 Lite, iQOO 11, iQOO Neo 7, iQOO Z7, iQOO Z7s, iQOO Neo 7 Pro.
  • Rewards are not credited on all Apple products (mobile phones, MacBooks, Apple Watch, iPads, PC accessories, etc.).
  • Rewards are not credited on all Earphones, Headphones, Speakers and Audio Accessories below Rs. 3000.
  • Rewards are credited for the actual payment amount only without taking into account any payment made with a gift card.
  • LetyShops user is allowed to log in and access only one Amazon account after redirect from LetyShops. Failure to do so will be considered as fraudulent activity which will lead to user's LetyShops account termination.
  • Sharing any Amazon India LetyShops Cashback links embedded with user's LetyShops account details will be considered as fraudulent activity which will lead to user's LetyShops account termination and any Cashback/Rewards collected will be declined.
  • Rewards are not credited if the item was added to the cart of your "Wish List" before activating cashback.
  • Order Amount considered for LetyShops Amazon Rewards credit is the amount paid after subtraction of GST + Other Possible Charges.
  • Rewards are credited for shopping on website, mobile Web and App.
  • LetyShops Amazon India Campaign does not accept missing/untracked orders queries.
  • Add Products to your cart/wishlist only after redirecting from LetyShops website or LetyShops App. Do not click or visit any other website/app after redirecting from LetyShops - this will break tracking of your order and Rewards will not be credited.
  • On Subscribe & Save, LetyShops Amazon Rewards will be applicable only to the FIRST order. Subsequent orders will be declined.

Reviews on Amazon IN (70)

(4.14) Average rating of the store
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Therefore, we publish only our customers' reviews.

i have not received my cashback and amazon does not consider request also. still i love shopping with them. they are a trusted and reputed platform.



Thanks a lot for your review ❤

Please contact us via, our managers will do our best to help you.

LetyShops team

Very good
Better than cashkaro
Geet Pratim

Rate of order lost is more in Amazon. Every 5 orders cash back can be expected two three orders only. Amazon does not accepting any complain for cash back for any lost orders . Please look into the matter to minimise the order lost.



We totally understand your concern. However, the biggest part of orders appear in our system. All this data are monitored by our specialists. Please pay attention that rewards are eligible for a limited list of categories, you can find available categories on the store page.

LetyShops team


Electronics category has been removed, one of the most popular category.



Please follow the updates on the store page. We hope the category will be back soon.

LetyShops team


I am giving one Star because It happened to me twice that I didn't receive the cashback notification or message for my purchases even though my activity was active.



Sorry for the unpleasant experience. We have tried to contact you via the email address listed in your account, but unfortunately have not received a response. Please reach out to us via the “Help” section of your personal account or We will be glad to help.

LetyShops team

Dhanush krishnan.s

Very good cashback policy but there is sometimes only increased cashback when compared to Flipkart. Please try to give a little more cashback always for Amazon.


I've ordered a Vega helmet by letyshops ios app but cashback never shown up its almost been an year now



We understand your position. In order to cashback is registered automatically, we kindly recommend you not to add items to your cart before the activation of cashback. Unfortunately, according to Amazon rules, we do not have an opportunity to recompense lost rewards. Hope your future orders will have success.

LetyShops team


cashback rates is so low only 3%

my 2 order confirmed in 76 days but my last 5 order confirmed in 54 days i am happy

confirmation time is very long



Rewards from Amazon are credited within 60 - 120 days after making a purchase. We do our best to seed up the process of a confirmation.

Have a great day!
LetyShops team

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