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Aliexpress Birthday 2019

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Этот День рождения прошел, но антитрэш-радар остался.
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How to get the maximum benefit?


What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is the most popular market place with products from China. It's like a big market with thousands of sellers and millions of products. Here you can buy almost everything: from luminous clothespins to a quadcopter or smartphone. AliExpress has won the love of the buyers thanks to low prices, free delivery and good quality of the offered products, thus dispelling the myths about Chinese products.

When is AliExpress’ Birthday 2019?

In 2019 AliExpress will celebrate the birthday from March 28 till April 1. This year AliExpress is turning 9. According to tradition for its 9th year birthday Aliexpress arranges a big sale with discounts up to 70%. For every purchase you will receive increased cashback from LetyShops and can also win valuable prizes.

Why does AliExpress arrange such a sale?

It is an excellent way to grab the buyers' attention and increase the number of sales. During the sales period millions of products are sold with discounts, that's why the daily turnover can exceed monthly income. If you've been thinking of buying a new phone or smartwatch for a long time already you will have a good opportunity to do that during AliExpress' birthday sale period.

AliExpress' birthday promotions

Every year AliExpress increases the number of sold products during birthday's sale. Together with the discounts of up to 70% for all product groups the coupons with additional discounts will be raffled during that period. To make every purchase even more enjoyable and useful LetyShops presents increased cashback for Aliexpress during the sales period.

How to buy at a profit during the sale period?

When huge discounts are offered everywhere it is very easy to lose your head and start buying everything without any purpose. To make your shopping more advantageous we recommend you to follow a few simple hints:

  • Choose the seller in advance. There are hundreds of sellers with the same products on AliExpress. Pay attention to the ratings and read comments. The Letyshops extension will help you to evaluate the seller's reputation.
  • Install the Letyshops extension and check authenticity of the discounts. Not every 50% discount is real. The browser extension tracks the dynamics of changes in product prices and shows how the cost of the goods has been changing recently. Choose only the best offers from reliable sellers.
  • Purchase goods with LetyShops cashback. Get increased cashback for each purchase and win valuable prizes during AliExpress birthday sale.

Will I get cashback for products purchased with any discount?

Yes, during AliExpress birthday sale 2019 you will get for each purchase not only the discount but also cashback from LetyShops.