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Purchases at Рив Гош with cashback in Finland

Time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 30 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
Information and conditions
5% За оплаченный заказ нового пользователя магазина Рив Гош
1% За оплаченный заказ постоянного пользователя магазина Рив Гош

Reviews on Рив Гош (2)

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the store fell ill with stardom, the goods are not delivered by courier, but are in 1 store. I contacted TP, explained the situation that I wanted to buy perfume for 12941r with a 25 percent discount already (maybe I would have bought the second one from this series), but to the other end of Moscow or rather, I’m going to Khimki to the outskirts and spending 3-4 hours on traffic jams, and a taxi or car sharing will cost me about 1300, or even more .. I asked if it was possible to deliver, it’s clear that I’m ready to pay the courier, or transfer to the store closer, which is a failure. not only now, a towel from 6tr comes with a lanka, if I make a pick-up from the store, they will not give me any gifts., a trifle, of course, but it’s unpleasant. Yes and, in general, disgusted with the solvent client in both refusals. I can buy this or ildebot, but I wanted it here, I WILL NOT NOW! I spend 20-30 thousand per month on perfume, now other stores will be happy

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The letishops team initially announced one size of the cashback, and then after making the purchase it took it and independently reduced it. Very ugly, did not expect deception from them

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Catherine, good afternoon!

There are cases that initially the amount of cashback is displayed incorrectly. However, during data processing, the amount is changed and credited according to the rate, which is current at the time of placing the order.

Checked the information. The cashback for your order is credited correctly.

If you have additional questions - be sure to write.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.