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Booking hotels with cashback - saving on accommodations

The biggest costs in travel are flights/trains and accommodations. With Letyshops you can easily save in these categories - you'll get cashback from all the companies presented in this section. Vacation in comfort and don't pay more than you have to - choose the firm that offers the best conditions for you, and make an order. Cashback will be credited to your account automatically.

It doesn't matter whether you're booking for a family vacation or a business trip, you'll get cashback in any case. The most reliable companies, with hundreds of thousands of offers on renting or leasing accommodations, gathered together in one place. You can easily book a hotel room, or rent a bungalow on the seaside; choose a budget friendly, small apartment in the outskirts, or rent a villa for a year in any city in the world. Just choose - on this page, you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

Save with us!

Letyshops does everything possible to help you travel in comfort on a budget. You'll get cashback from any company in this section. Learn how much exactly by looking at the banner with the firm's name.

Additionally, look out for different promocodes on the page of the store you've chosen - there are often additional bonuses that can help you save.

With us, your trips will be pleasant and budget friendly!