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Purchases at Aliexpress with cashback in Switzerland

Time for crediting cashback
Average waiting time for cashback: 33 days
This time is necessary for the store to confirm that the order was received and won't be returned. Cashback is often confirmed sooner.
Maximum waiting time for cashback: 60 days
If the rules for purchases with cashback haven't been violated and the item hasn't been returned to the seller, cashback will be credited no later than this period.
Information and conditions
5% mobile accessories, clothing, interior items, garden accessories
1.5% mobile phones, tablets and laptops, computer equipment and accessories, audio and video equipment, external storage
2.5% Miscellaneous
0.5% For items bought by the shops from the following list below

to the list of stores with 0.5% cashback.

Starting from November, 6 cashback is not credited for some purchases made in shops from the list (previously the rate was 0.5%). The list of stores can be updated.

List of the stores with 0.5% cashback.

The cashback rate depends on the category of the product specified by AliExpress.

Attention! To get your cashback for orders made during the 11.11 sale you have to jump to AliExpress for the period from October 28 to November 13 from our website only. After that you can activate collected discount coupons and pay for your orders. Due to some delays connected with website overload cashback will be displayed within 24 hours after the order.

Special rate: 
up to 40% on goods in the department Hot-products. 

To receive the cashback for the goods of this section, be sure to add the products to the basket after the transition.

Tips: shop at AliExpress through the Letyshops mobile app. Switch over from it in the AliExpress app and shop with better prices than on the site.
And, of course, get cashback! Install the Letyshops app for mobile devices using Android or iOS

The maximum amount of cashback on one order is 40$ (The amount of cashback is credited in the currency you chose when registering with LetyShops. And it is converted at the rate of National Bank of your country).

Important! Credits are NOT given for:
- delivery services;

- for any other additional services;
- purchases of gift certificates, coupons, discounts on payment; 
- topping up your mobile phone; 
- if before forming your order you didn't log in (if you didn't log in to your AliExpress account);
- goods from the Plaza section;
- and also if the seller changed the price after the item was added to your cart. 
In order to get cashback, you need to go to AliExpress through Letyshops before every purchase. 

When filing a complaint or forming an order through several accounts on AliExpress using coupons, cashback may be denied or removed from the account after confirmation. 

Tips: for your cashback to be confirmed faster, don't forget to confirm your order receipt on the AliExpress site. This will help reduce waiting time. 

When shopping on AliExpress, the order number in your Letyshops account and in the store might not match. In particular, when an order has several items. This is connected with the fact that every item position is assigned a separate number by the store, which is given to the Letyshops service as an order number. 
Also, when accruing funds there can be some small fluctuations between the order price and the corresponding amount of cashback. This is connected with the re-calculation and currency conversions used by the store AliExpress when carrying out fiscal operations.

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