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Average waiting time for cashback: 35 days
Maximum waiting time for cashback: 72 days
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2.35 %
За все товары брендов Sundays, Sundays Fitness, Intex, биотуалеты Saniteco, мобильные кондиционеры Zanussі
1.4 %
Матрасы Vegas, Все товары бренда Керамин, Водонагреватели Electrolux, Termex, Garanterm, товары бренда Karcher, смесители Rubineta, унитазы Сersanit, отпариватели MIE
0.95 %
За все товары брендов Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, Candy, Whirlpool, Krups, Rowenta, Tefal, Moulinex, Gefest, Атлант, Cezaris, Samsung, Lg, Toshiba, Makita; телевизоры Philips, газонокосилки Bosch, ванны Roca/Goldman, душевые кабины все.
0.55 %
За все оставшиеся товары
0.05 %
За оплаченный заказ с промокодом

Важно! При оплате заказа бонусными баллами кэшбэк начисляется в виде 50% от стандартных ставок.


Кэшбэк не начисляется:

- за заказы сделанные с помощью специальных скидок и промокодов;

- за заказы, сделанные в мобильном приложении 21vek BY.

Внимание! Сумма кэшбэка зачисляется в валюте, которую вы выбрали при регистрации на сервисе LetyShops. И конвертируется по курсу нац. банка вашей страны.

Reviews on 21vek BY (1)

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Therefore, we publish only our customers' reviews.

Friends, when choosing a product on the website, keep in mind that

1) the presence of the applied promotional code in the shopping cart is sometimes not visible. You could apply a promotional code a few days ago, look at the prices, then leave the site, and when you enter after a while - despite the fact that the corresponding field of the promotional code seems to be empty - it is still applied - the prices in the basket will be lower. You’ll think it’s just a sale - but it’s not. Moreover, for browsers Mazilla, Chrome, Yandex - even clearing the cache / cookies does not help. Only in the Opera does the cleaning work. Well, and also once every couple of days, the store overloads the servers at night - and the information about promotional codes in the basket is cleared. I have repeatedly complained about this problem to their support - but no one does anything about it. - and in the end you will be denied accrual due to the promotional code.

2) if you receive the goods at a partner pickup point (if your town does not have a branded 21vek point, then with a 90% probability your order status will forever remain "collected, awaiting delivery" - even a year later. This is especially true of Globel 24 partner points - the synchronization with them is very bad, and the operators cannot manually change the status in the program.- and you will end up with a refusal to credit, because the goods have not been received.

3) If you place several orders at once and you just need it separately - the operator, when processing them, will always unauthorizedly combine them into one. Even if you write in caps in the order comments that this should not be done under any circumstances, they will not pay attention. - and you will subsequently be rejected cashback due to changes made after the fact of your confirmation of the order. And even all this does not in any way guarantee that you will be quickly credited with cashback. 7 weeks of dull waiting will pass and you will still have to write to support and attach screenshots of personal cabs. And taking into account the fact that any normal person applies a promo code - 21vek sends them out in batches, and sometimes even writes off points (the KB rate will decrease by 2 times) - taking into account the already meager nominal cashback rates - you can safely spit on this venture. Spend more time proving that you should be credited with these pennies. This does not in any way characterize Lety badly - they are great. And 21vek is greedy and technically weak.

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate. Show original Show translation

Hello Regina!

Thank you for sharing your shopping experience at 21vek BY.

We hope your purchases will be successful and there will be no more difficulties with cashback. Regina, you can always contact our care service if you have any difficulties with the accrual of funds.

Thank you for being with us.

LetyShops team

The review was translated from Russian using Google Translate.
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