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Le magasin n'a pas crédité de cashback! Achetez pour plus de 200 000 roubles. Letyshops lui-même ne répond pas non plus, bien que j'aie fourni les reçus d'achat, etc.! En général, foncez ici!

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Bonne journée!

Ruslan, nos partenaires ont refusé de nous payer une commission, marquant l'achat avec le statut «Retour». Nous avons appliqué en plus pour clarifier les données. Hélas, ils n'ont pas reçu de récompense. Nous pouvons supposer que la commande a été réémise. A accumulé un bonus de l'entreprise.

Cordialement votre,
Équipe LetyShops

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Last time I bought AirPods Pro in this store in November 2019, there were no problems with cashback, but I do not recommend the store itself! Read reviews about them on Yandex Market before buying, and then think about whether you need such problems. Here is a list of problems that I personally encountered: 1) The store is misleading customers. All goods have the signature "Return within 30 days", now it leads to a bleaching page with a detailed description, but only here is the problem, at the time of purchase it did not lead anywhere, my headphones were defective, I turned to the store for exchange, but they refused to exchange and sent to the ASC, and about the terms of exchange for goods they said that they only apply to unpacked goods ... 2) from April to May (approximately until May 25) I could not return the headphones (they had a repeated defect , which was recognized as a marriage), because the stores worked only to issue orders, and it was possible to hand over to the service only with the help of a courier (but this did not apply to AirPods, that is, it was impossible to hand them over). I had to carry out paid diagnostics in another ASC and wait 2 months to return the headphones to the seller. 3) do not comply with the terms prescribed in the law on consumer protection. Refunds must be made within 10 days, but they made me 40 days later, but not in full (they did not compensate for the cost of diagnostics). A week later, the cost of diagnostics was returned, and a week later, compensation was paid (more on this in the next paragraph). Moreover, I have the feeling that they paid me compensation only because I already said in plain text that they pissed me out and if they still drag out for time, then I will have to deal with Rospotrebnadzor and the court (as soon as the silk workers transferred the entire amount in the morning). I had to spend 2 months on a refund, which should take place in 10 days ... 4) devil-may-care attitude towards customers. At first, I didn't plan on claiming compensation. 15 days after the headphones were handed over (5 days of delay in the refund), I called the hotline to clarify why there was a delay, they promised me to clarify the information with the store and call back, but the call back did not follow. A week later, the situation repeated itself, they promised to call back, but did not call back. Further, this irresponsibility got very much and I decided to teach them a lesson, demanding 1% of the cost of the headphones for each day of delay in refunds, periodically reminding them that patience is running out, each time they promised to transfer information to the employee who was dealing with my request, promised to call back, give feedback, but every time the promise was followed by disregard. Having received a refund for the headphones and diagnostics (which took about 50 days), patience ran out, he notified that if they were delayed by another week, I would attract Rospotrebnadzor, if after that they were delayed for another week, then I would go to court. A week passed, I wrote to them that “I’m waiting until the end of the day and if I don’t get compensation, then you will talk to Rospotrebnadzor, they will be happy to talk to you,” and lo and behold, the next day after lunch I received compensation (they did not meet the deadline I indicated it to them, but the funds were transferred before I sent the appeal to the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare) and what do you think happened next? A week later, for the first time in two months, the manager called me to find out if I had received the money! If you want to save your time and nerves, do not buy anything in this store, and if you still don’t return it to me, then go to Yandex Market and read reviews about them, lately this network has been having continuous problems (deception, disregard, etc.). etc.).
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Cashback, of course, is not space, but from the purchase of the MacBook 1,500 rubles returned, which is still good)
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this is space cashback, of course))
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