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Achats avec cashback chez DepositPhotos en Belgique

Délai d’attente pour créditer le cashback
Temps d’attente moyen pour le cashback: 30 jours
Temps d’attente maximal pour le cashback: 60 jours

Attention! The amount of cashback is credited in the currency you chose when registering with LetyShops. And it is converted at the rate of National Bank of your country.

Commentaires sur DepositPhotos (2)

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Twice I bought at DepositPhotos with the transition from Letyshops and twice had problems with calculating cashback: - 2018. There is a transition in the system, the purchase is completed, but the cashback was not credited automatically. After contacting the joint venture and checking it still enrolled. From the day of purchase to the accrual ~ 79 days passed (instead of 30) + the need to keep the issue on the pulse. - 2019. There is a transition, a purchase on the site is completed, but it is not marked in the Letyshops system and the cashback is not credited again. After contacting the joint venture and checking, Advertiser = DepositPhotos answered the Service = Letyshops that he transferred the Commission for my purchase to some other coupon service (name and reason are not reported). Therefore, I did not receive a cashback (there were no other discounts either). My communication on this issue with DepositPhotos came down to literary criticism and getting the same answers from them: "we are not involved in calculating cashback." To whom the commission of the Advertiser has gone - there is no answer ... The situation with the repeated neglect of cashback is an indicator of the operation of the system and systems, and therefore is inherent in them initially.

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Good afternoon!

Alexey, we are interested in automatic calculation of cashback.

We do not work directly with DepositPhotos, but through an affiliate program. Through it, requests for lost cashback are also processed.
For orders completed in 2018, the partners transferred the commission. By order for 2019, the remuneration was transferred to another resource. The possible reasons for this situation were described in detail by the manager in the appeal. Also, a bonus has been credited to your balance. It is important for us that users feel our support.

LetyShops team

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All perfectly
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