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The cashback was confirmed on the 19th day after the purchase, despite the fact that the sellers in the store (not the Internet, but in the place where I took the goods) claimed that such payment was impossible. Say, the product is a promotional and cashback to it will not apply. All this was accompanied by not hidden irritation and discontent towards me (why, read below). I contacted the LetyShops administration and they assured that they would follow this moment and help in the event of such a bad outcome. I’ll say a few words about the sellers from the Gomel Mandarin Plaza shopping center mentioned above ... I really didn’t like their dissatisfied faces when I picked up the smartphone. The fact is that even at the stage of selection I visited this store and the sellers STRONGLY recommended to “order” the goods from them with a call to the offered phone number. What benefit they wanted to fuck out of it (and this is no doubt so), I don’t know, but I didn’t listen to them and ordered a smartphone via the website, and received a cashback from LetyShops. It was this idea that I had originally. Plus, the internal promotional discount of the store itself ... so it turned out more or less. And if it were not for these pleasant trifles, the purchase would have cost a lot ... MI.BY hurts not children's prices, the city is full of places where you can buy the same things for a lower price! PS I took one star for the high price tags in the store, the second one for the cunning salesmen from the Gomel division of MI.BY, which is in the Mandarin-Plaza shopping center.
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