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I made an order online before the New Year with a self-call from the DTM. We formed the order pretty quickly, given the New Year panic) Cashback credited after about 1.5 months
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The store is disgusting !! And the delivery they collaborate with, too! Worst service! The payment is buggy on the site of the rame, in my case it did not go through, a notification in the mail came to me that the order was formed and wait for the operator to call. 2 days passed and I called the store myself. The handset was answered by an indifferent girl, who gritted her teeth that Reima disbanded my order of her own free will, without even notifying the buyer !! You can not try on goods. You can only pay for them. You can’t even get it out of the package in order to visually check the product and its quality. Return is paid respectively. The store works with DHL. To be honest, I haven’t seen a worse company. They didn’t even want to get through to me, they just sent an SMS that you didn’t pick up the phone and we rescheduled the delivery, although when my phone is out of the access area, they will receive an SMS. Further generally a pun. Finally, they scheduled delivery the next day. No courier all day. I’m calling the operators, to which they answered that there will be no delivery. To my question, how so ?? But it’s impossible to warn at least that no one will come? They answered me, well, you want, postpone the delivery, MAYBE, they will bring it tomorrow))) In general, DHL transferred the delivery of my own free will, I could not stand it for 5 days, and the courier began to catch the city itself and as a result, he didn’t come to me, but I’m talking to him)) if it weren’t for the cold and the fact that my child without warm pants would have spat and refused. Deeply disappointed.
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Everything is super !!! Thank you for making our life warmer.

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